Our Services 

We provide a wide range of Health Care app that can meet the needs of the health sector. These can be mixed and matched of you could get the full package. We promise to provide customer service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

Some of the Apps we provide

Body Map

The Body Map has been created to assist health care service provides to be able to record and communicate effectively. It helps those taking care of patients to record incidences or injuries that would have taken place. There is a clear record of the follow on action and you can track the progress. The great advantage of using our app is that you can even take pictures of the affected area. This will help you see if there is progress for sure. The App is currently on Android Play Store and soon it will be launched on iOS. As explained previously you can purchase it as part of a package or on its own.

Daily Notes and Reporting

The daily notes and reporting app will eliminate the use of paper. The app will help health care supporters to record that report the care of their patients straight to the office. No more files and late reconciliation of notes. The daily notes are filled in and submitted immediate. All you have to do as a service provider is either save them as a hard or soft copy depending on your policy. Watch the space the app will be launched soon on iOS and Android Play store. Yo can also purchase it as a single app of as a package.

MAR Charts

At Yucca we understand the importance of monitoring how medication is given. We know it should be given on time and regularly. With this app the nursing stuff can record when they give the client medication and you can monitor it from the office. This is important because if medication is missed it can be rectified immediately. We will be launching the app soon on Android play store and Apple iOS. You can purchase it as a single app or as a bundle with other apps. 


You can download our apps on Playstore and iOS. the links are below.

We at Yucca know that every business is different and unique. This is why we do not force our clients to subscribe to the full software package but allow you to pick and choose what works for you. Book an appointment so that we can get to know you and advice on the right package for your business.